my wisdom cloud


I return to my pink cloud.

I live among human little angels that show me true love. I been given life for real and I smile now I whisper my secrets to the stars and make a lovesong to the sun. My wings make me beautiful.

I´m an angel but humans make me wanna be a better woman too. I turn to the moon for wisdom and guidness in a world of evil. I will  never fall into the devils trap. my life is safe here on my pink cloud. here

I can sit and watch the world spin but not give in. I still don´t know were my wings will take me but I know were I belong. when smile the world is more than that. I will never give up that to fall from my pink cloud.

Angel eyes can se your beauty too. I can hear the music in the sunset like other angels do. someone wrote it just for me. i will sing but just for me. life is for humans too. If you look you can see your wings under your hand of sorrows. look again and you will see the beauty within. my pink cloud is for no one else.

My angellife is eternity of all. the stars know but you can feel it too. just close your eyes and feel your life. give in to loving all about you and you will become an angel too.

visit my cloud but then make one your own. no one can ever give you your freedom wings. lfe is mine and I sit here on my pink cloud, spred my wings and just smile








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