My Angel life

Is just a path to my secret heaven, but heaven is a place I need to be free
when I sit on my pink cloud and looking at the life I life among humans I choose to put my thoughts in the clouds and wisper my secrets to the moon cause the moon will not tell.

the stars will guide me to my own happiness, it´s clooser than ever before. The devil is still chasing me, but he can´t take my wings nore my freedom of hope. I will forever live here on my pink cloud and my tears are my wisdom to feel clooser than humans knows.

I look at all the beauty in life, can you really see it too or are your soul not free? will I ever get you to see the heaven in me? my heart has travelled far and now I hold in the palm of my hand. I missed it more than everything and now it´s all I ever had.

I sleep under the warm sun and I feel hole when the beauty of nature wakes me to a new dawn, better than before. I can hear the other angels sing the music the book of my life brings to heaven to hold.
the letters of life I sended without the adrees to life. I rember it all in my soul. I smile and I know life did teach me right.

Now I live for the music in me, the music of an angels heart. My wings are strong and my mind is free. Can you be there too? Will you feel like I do? are your freedom in chains or will it set you free? will you ever sing with me?

My angellife is me

foto å text: Ängeln 



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