Angel life

is forever here on my pink cloud

I wake up once again and take my wings to walk among humans like we often do and dream about the sand between my toes on the walk of life

the sun is my best friend and  will follow her to warm my angelheart and the moon holds my secrets and i wisper my dreams to the stars

they will forever hold my wings and guide me in a world of unhappiness and if I will redraw my map they will guide me even more

 I know that you are an Angeln too

but only you can feel your wings and find your own freedom cloud andthe other angels will be there to wisper wisdom in your ear like they do to me when they visit  my pink cloud

so find your wings and follow me and the sun because life is beautifulwhen you are among humans don´t forget to live your angel life

and you will stay free


text & bild: Ängeln





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