angel of my own

you might take away my freedom or my time even when you´re not around  because you had the power to change me when I tried to be your angel that´s always around

you might try and steal my wings or move to a cloud to close my pink one were I belong and you don´t because you didn´t deserve wings to make you fly

mayby you are everything I´m not because I would never be like you even if you once tried to make me be just like you told me to

I´m my own even when you don´t want me to and I will live for me even if that´s not what you ever tried to make me stop belive in too

I will always return to my pink cloud where I can feel my wings of freedom and my heart that was lost for so long when you took my soul and killed my hope

I look down to see humans who doesn´t care in a world of ego where no one is true and never will change even if I wanted to belive maby you wanted to

I have to walk among you but my feet dosn´t really fear and my eyes still see the beauty that the world hold under all the human disspear

the world is mine because I know where I don´t fall along in the pattern of the life that humans once belived was theirs and tried so hard to belong

I will miss and I will love but the moon holds my secret of her because maby she is not the one you guissing now and mayby she´ll never will because my dream is never for you

I will forever stay on my pink cloud and if you want to be the girl next to me you havr to see that I was always meant to be angel on my own




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