angel morning



I return to my pink cloud ones again to protect myself from the shallow world below me because humans are to unreal to make my passion for life be more than just living

once again humans try to steal my wings to make themself to fake angels just because they can´t be alive on their one and I  will return to my ugly personality to set myself free from human selfishness

up here I can dream of princesses and a world full of beautiful people and days of living in peasefullness because that´s what makes my day more beautiful than right now

under my wings my little angels are sleeping in harmony and I look down on the world every heavenly morning because I found my freedom and my smile is for real

I love to walk among humans to feel real for a while in that way that only humans can but when I turn in to human shape I will let my wings bring me back to my pink cloud where I woke up today

nothing can hurt me in my heaven because there is no room for shalloow humans here and my wings are not for sale to someone who cant take care of them like I do

I look down on the world and I se a princess that makes me smile even more and I choose to dream of her bcause I know that she has wings just like me

when I look to my right I can see my endless pink cloud empty and free and I know thats where someday a princess will sit right next to me bacause she has wings just like me

but when I still dream I choose to stay at my pink cloud where the human world can´t get to me and my dreams are my happiness when I live more truthful than you humans do

I`m an angel that know that my morning is my gift of life because I know how to feel free when I choose to live for me and I protect my little angels so they can also be free

one day I will return to your cruel and cold world because thats what angels do and I will love that way of life to even when humans try to steel my wings away from me

do you see that you have an angel or do you just see me as a human that you can play with while you try to feel free through me and  maybe even make me human like you

do you know that the one that you are trying to steal from are the good side of you and you will never be free when you are that cruel to me

mayby you belive that you are an angel just like me because you cant stand human life and want to be me without understanding that I was the one that made you feel free

I stay here n my heaven for a while and dream about the prinsess that brings me dreams in life and I will live happy another day because I will tell you what is for real

I´m just an angel living on my pink cloud and I smile because I deserve to!






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