Angels are forever


text: Ängeln


Angels are forever even if the devil tries to make them fall from heaven

I have returned to my pink cloud to protect the ones that I love until they can feel their own wings and have heaven for real

when I walk among humans my wings are my freedom they can never take away with violence and hate

heaven is mine because on my pink cloud is my own and here is the devil far away because humans are not like them

angels are forever even when life among humans is over and I don´t walk there anymore because the memory of me is forever to hunt the ones that may try to kill me

if you can´t belive you have nothing to feel but dispear even if you belive that your way is the right way even though you are already lost

if you can´t se angels your life is over even when you still breath you have to look in the mirror and tell someone that you are what you belive

I belive in me because I´m free and my life is mine no matter what the devil might belive

my wings protects the ones I love and I will never be the human they want me to be because I know that I will always be me

angels are forever and life is for real





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