Angel freedom

Once up on a time I made the biggest and greatest mistace I´ll ever mak when I let the devil walk right in to my life. evil gave me the greatest gift I ever had but for that I may have to pay with my life. the devil will forever chase me for protecting me and the angels of my life 

I tried to run free but the devil stool my wings and now I will fight for the rest of my life to protect the once I love more than life. when evil tries to steal the soul of an angel, life will never be the same. the angels she have in her life she protecs with her life althought her heaven is no longer safe.

the devil might took my freedom of life but I´m already free because I took back the wings the devil thought no longer was mine. now I use my wings to protect the angels of my life to give them the life I never had. If evil will end my life the angels of mine will always rember me. Angels are for real even when life is no longer for me.

all the evil that passes me when the devil use the hate only devils can is no longer huting me. but every little scar and memory is even now reality. the devil might think  owing my life is for real but this angel is alreday free. In heaven evil can´t use the key. I might have to fight for my life for every day of my life that I have but that will never take away the happiness I feel.

The devil can´t win in the end despite the pain that might be given to the angels of my life. they will still grow up knowing that an angel will always wathing over the angels of her life. that is the freedom I toke back to never let the devil take back. evil might follow me for the rest of my life but I will never stop loving my life.

the only shame I´ve got is letting my angels live with evil in their life. that shame is the price I will always pay for the biggest and greatest mistake of my life. Evil might have given my angels life but I will give them more than that. One day I have to let my angels fly free but I will still be there as the angel I will always be.

evil might own their missery but evil can never take their wings. angels are for real and evil is just what evil can be. Thats way we are free and evil lifes in another fantasy hoping to own the freedom that never again can be taken from me. the game is on but the rules has change.

evil might throw the dice but will never win. devils can´t get wings and will derfore never be free because they are forever domd to only own the hate and bitterness that makes them forever life in darkness. evil might hold me prison there but I´m still in heaven where I´m free. thats the riddle evil can´t figure out.

so bring it on for the rest of my days, try to hurt me even more every single day. I will still be the angel the devil loves to hate. the darkness of evil is no longer for me and thougt I might live in fear I still be free. the angels of my life has given that freedom to me and the love I give to them is all they´ll ever nead. that will always be greater than what evil ever will be.

when I run for my life and hiding the angels of my life from the devil that beliving in owing my life, I will always be free. the devil might take my life but the angels of my life will always give evil memories of me. thats wy I´m free and the devil is for eternity owned by me.



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